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The name says it all, the Crunchy Combo is a crunchy snack that is not only healthy,

it’s tasty! Full of flavour and variety, the Crunchy Combo makes an excellent salad topper adding colour, texture and the all-important nutrients found only in sprouts.


The Crunchy Combo is versatile and provides an excellent alternative to seeds and nuts for those with allergies, and the good news is, you still get that oh-so-satisfying crunch! Health-conscious snackers can rejoice over this product as it is naturally grown and packaged at optimum freshness. 

Consider adding the crunchy combo to sandwiches, wraps, salads and even soups, or get more adventurous and try our Crunchy Combo Falafel and Hummus recipe.

This tasty selection of sprouts delivers all the flavour and nutrients you expect from sprouts plus more! 

Grown in a chemical-free environment, all Aussie Sprouts products are grown with water and sunshine so there are no nasties involved in the growing, cleaning or packaging processes.

Simply open and enjoy! 

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