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These delicious savoury muffins make great finger food for babies and toddlers and are a perfect addition to lunch boxes for both kids and adults. They’re loaded with fibre and protein and are an excellent way to get some extra veggies into fussy eaters.

Everyone’s favourite stand by meal, omelettes are a perfect quick dinner for the whole family with plenty of protein for growing kids. And with our version, full of peas, zucchini and alfalfa, you can rest assured they’re getting plenty of veggies too! Omelettes are a great finger food for babies, just ensure the omelette is cooked through, then cut into long fingers.

Sweet and salty pork chops pair perfectly with a crunchy fennel and sprout slaw. 

A light and tasty option ideal for picnics or lunch

These healthy and easy to prepare rolls are perfect for school lunches.

A light vegetarian option that is ideal for picnics, lunch or dinner.

A beautiful looking bowl of goodness featuring spiced roasted sweet potatoes and chickpeas and an array of super healthy greens, topped with a creamy tahini dressing.

There’s nothing quite like a bagel topped with cream cheese and salmon, and the addition of Aussie Sprouts Alfalfa Sprouts adds a delicious crunchy texture. Perfect for lunch or even a fancy

afternoon tea.

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